1. James Wright

Unsettled weekend ahead

Overnight a rain band cleared Wales but the low pressure system has fronts wrapped right around it, as result another band of more showery rain currently lies across Wales. There are quite strong winds around for the rest of the day which should help to break some of the cloud up.

The lack of sunshine, wind and showers combine to make it a rather cool feeling day with highs of 14-16C, 17C in brighter spells.

Tonight the wrap around front from this system drifts back across Wales. This brings more showers which will begin merging into more persistent rain. Another mild night with lows of 10C

Sunday sees the low pressure system pulling away to the north east and dragging with it more rain. A dreary start to the day with rain heading north. Later in the day the weather should brighten up from the south.

Again a cool day with some strong winds around and feeling rather cool with highs of 14-16C.