Children's museum manifesto

A guide has been released to make Wales' museums as child friendly as possible.

The 'Kids in Museums Manifesto' has highlighted twenty ideas to make them more accessible.

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Museum manifesto: say 'hello' and let teenagers hang out

The Kids in Museums manifesto has twenty points aimed at encouraging museums, galleries and historic sites to make visits for families and young people more enjoyable.

They include:

  • Saying 'hello' and making visitors feel welcome..
  • Discouraging the use of the word 'no'.
  • Invite teenagers in to 'hang out' , and make sure their opinions are valued.
  • Design pricing and programmes with a variety of families in mind.
  • Allow visitors to touch exhibits where possible, and carefully explain why others can't be touched.
  • Be chatty and up-to-date on social media.

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