1. James Wright

Settled today, rain on the way

High pressure is keeping the weather generally bright and settled, however, it's position means that occasionally lets an Atlantic weather system. That's what will happen through tomorrow. In the meantime, we have a dying front with us that has brought some thicker cloud to parts of Wales.

The cloud breaks up a little later, meanwhile places that saw more sunshine earlier today will see fairweather bubbling up later. So we'll all see some bright or sunny spells at some point. Highs today of 20C, 68F will feel quite pleasant thanks to light breezes, it'll feel cooler near coasts.

Tonight, a cool night with lows of 9C, more cloud builds from the west later but for many it's clear spells and light winds.

Thursday starts bright across south and east Wales but cloud pushes across the country with light rain arriving in the far west and north west. As the day progresses rain pushes south east across Wales with the rain turning heavy in places.

It may take until later in the afternoon for the rain to arrive in the south east and with the early sunshine we'll see the best temperatures here with highs of 18C. Elsewhere highs of 15-16C.