Welsh civil servant pay rises stay

The Welsh Government says it is keeping its system of automatic pay progression for its civil servants. The UK Government announced on Wednesday it is scrapping the practice.

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Plaid's Spending Review attack on Labour

In its response to the Chancellor's Spending Review, Plaid Cymru highlights recent comments by member of the Shadow Cabinet about spending after 2015 to accuse Labour of falling into a 'political trap' laid by the Chancellor.

Today’s CSR paints a grim picture of further austerity ahead for Wales. The Tory Chancellor George Osborne laid a political trap for Labour that they have fallen into hook, line, and sinker by publicly accepting austerity cuts if they form the next government.

This leaves the people of Wales with absolutely no difference between Tory austerity and Labour austerity.

Austerity has failed on its own terms – it has been self-defeating, with the economy either in recession or stagnant in recent years.

– Jonathan Edwards MP, Plaid Cymru

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