Extra funding for Welsh rugby

The Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) will add an extra £2.5m to its budget to help improve the game across Wales.

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Regional Rugby Wales welcome WRU funding

Given the severe difficulty that every Welsh club faces in today’s tough economic environment, any additional funding that is potentially available to the grass roots of our game is positive news for rugby communities around Wales.

From a Regional Rugby point of view, we remain focused on our original published objectives , including the development of Welsh international players and their retention in Wales , so we are of course encouraged to hear of any proposed initiative that may help contribute to that particular goal.

We have been consistent in our position that we need to work to define long-term structural solutions that can strategically improve the framework of professional rugby in Wales.

We very much look forward to hearing the details behind the WRU's announcement and understanding the mechanism by which the proposed one-off action will make a positive and sustainable contribution to our game over time.

As the PwC report identified the logical strategic solution is a closer and more collaborative approach between the Regions and the WRU so we look forward to working with the WRU on this proposal and in developing the right long term strategies for Welsh professional rugby.

– Stuart Gallacher, Chief Executive RRW

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