Welsh civil servant pay rises stay

The Welsh Government says it is keeping its system of automatic pay progression for its civil servants. The UK Government announced on Wednesday it is scrapping the practice.

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Union pleased by Welsh Government's decision

The main civil service union, the PCS, has welcomed the Welsh Governement's decision not to end the system of giving civil servants automatic annual pay rises until they have moved from their starting salaries to the top of their grade. which the union regards as the rate for the job.

We had hoped and expected that the Welsh Government would not follow the UK Government and tear up civil servants' pay and conditions. We are very pleased.

– Acting PCS Wales Secretary Darren Williams

Mr Williams said the system of increases is a contractual right. Nearly, 5,700 civil servants work for the Welsh Government. Their starting salaries range from £17,000 to £54,500. The guaranteed annual pay rises on top are worth up to £3,250 for lowest paid and £12,300 for highest paid.

A few senior civil servants are paid more but don't qualify for the guaranteed pay rises. On Wednesday, the Chancellor set out why he felt it was right to scrap the scheme throughout the civil service

That is the practice whereby many employees not only get a pay rise every year, but automatically move up a pay grade every single year, regardless of performance. Some public sector employees see annual pay rises of 7%. Progression pay can at best be described as antiquated; at worst, it is deeply unfair to other parts of the public sector that do not get it and to the private sector that has to pay for it. So we will end automatic progression pay in the civil service by 2015-16,

– Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP

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