Welsh civil servant pay rises stay

The Welsh Government says it is keeping its system of automatic pay progression for its civil servants. The UK Government announced on Wednesday it is scrapping the practice.

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Welsh Govt civil servants will keep automatic pay rises

The Welsh Government says it has no plans to scrap the system of automatic pay progression for its civil servants. The Chancellor announced on Wednesday that he was getting rid of guaranteed annual salary increases in the Civil Service.

Today the Welsh Government said that won't apply to most of its staff, whose pay and conditions staff are decided in Wales. The only exception is for the most senior civil servants but they are already not eligible for automatic increases.

The Welsh Government's pay arrangements are devolved with the exception of Senior Civil Servant pay which does not operate an incremental pay system.

Any change to the current pay system and the payment of increments would require detailed legal considerations and discussions with Trade Unions. There are no plans, at the present time, to change the system.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

The decision only applies to Welsh Government employees. Civil Servants such as DVLA workers who are employed by a Whitehall department will be affected by the Chancellor's ruling.

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