Campaign to save Caerphilly Miners Hospital

Caerphilly Miners Hospital Credit: ITV Wales
Caerphilly Miners Hospital Credit: ITV Wales

The Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community group is launching a campaign to raise money to restore the beeches building of Caerphilly Miners Hospital. Their target is £1 million. Campaigners will be holding a bag packing session in Morrisons and a bucket collection in the town centre.

Volunteers will be out an about raising awareness of the building's plight and historical significance. The team will be joined by Simon Weston OBE who was born at the Beeches and will be officially launching the campaign.

The Beeches building was built thanks to donations made by miners out of their pay packets. Those working in 29 local pits set aside 6d of their 12s 6d weekly wages. To reflect this amount, the drive to raise funds is being called the 8 campaign - £8 is the equivalent amont in today's money.