1. James Wright

Bright for many, but more cloud on the way

It was a pleasant surprise this morning with a little more sunshine around than was expected. Enjoy it while it lasts as more cloud will return later and with it a little more rain.

The rest of Saturday sees eastern parts of Wales holding on to the brightness with more cloud further west.

This cloud could see some light rain and drizzle on the northern and western hills. Temperatures range form 17-19C and it will feel a little humid.

The warm front moves away tonight but leaves plenty of cloud around and the odd drizzly spot here and there. It will be mild and humid overnight with lows of 11-13C. The cloud maybe quite low in places with mist around too.

Sunday is set to be a near repeat performance with more cloud further west and some bright spells to the east. This bright spells are expected to become more widespread as we head into the afternoon. Temperatures will be up on Saturday with highs of 20C.

Later in the day more rain arrives in the northwest spreading across the country overnight into Monday. The breeze will pick up as it moves through.