AMs pass organ donation bill

Welsh Assembly members have passed a law governing organ donation. IIt means Wales is now the only part of the UK where doctors will presume that consent has been given to donate organs after death.

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Change in law could lead to more organs being available

The Kidney Wales Foundation says the current system is outdated and needs reform. They say that one person dies every week in Wales waiting for an organ transplant.

The UK is one of the lowest donor rate countries in Europe. The new Human Transplantation (Wales) Bill is a new progressive law. We are proud to have led the debate in favour of this law.

– Roy J Thomas, Chief Executive of Kidney Wales

Waiting for an organ is an extremely difficult time for anyone - it is like being on death row and it seems as if you are being further punished for being ill. Mentally, it is cruel for the patient and the caring family.

– Melanie Wagner, who received a new kidney in 2010

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