30,000 'still need' MMR vaccine

A committee of AMs is warning 30,000 children across Wales still need the MMR vaccine.

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Measles epidemic 'over' but many still not had jab

The eight month measles epidemic centered around Swansea is officially over as no new cases have been reported since May.

We remain concerned about the large numbers still not vaccinated in the 10 to 18 age group and we would remind those young people and those parents that they remain at risk of measles, even now that the outbreak is over, and should speak to their GP about vaccination as soon as possible.

“The only reason this outbreak could happen was because not enough young people in Wales were fully vaccinated with two doses of MMR and there is absolutely no guarantee that this could not happen again.”

– Dr Marion Lyons, Director of Health Protection for Public Health Wales

We still have work to do. The young people in the 10 to 18 age group who still have not been vaccinated should make the necessary arrangements at their earliest convenience. We would not want to see another outbreak.

– Health Minister, Mark Drakeford

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