1. James Wright

Weather to improve day by day

After a rather cloudy start to Wednesday, the sun is beginning to put in an appearance and for many places will stick around for the rest of the day. So a brighter end of the day but temperatures slow to respond. Expect highs of 17-19C but feeling warmer in sunny spells.

Overnight a weak warm front brings cloud in from the west and some light patchy rain in from the west. It will be a murky night with low cloud, and patches of hill and sea fog. It will be a mild and muggy night with lows of 12-13C.

Thursday feels like a repeat of today with cloud and patchy light showery rain to start. As the day progresses the weak front moves to the south east. Sunny spells follow behind. A breezy afternoon but the combination of southwesterly breezes and sunshine means warmer weather and a high of 21C.