Mid Wales shed 'best in Britain'

A shed near Machynlleth made entirely of recycled materials has been crowned the best in Britain in this year's 'Shed of the Year' competition.

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The Shed of the Year making waves in Powys

Shed owner Alex Holland celebrates his success Credit: Mischiefpr

This year's 'Shed of the Year' is not your standard design. It has a recycled upturned boat for a roof and a solar panel to power the lights. Located at an altitude of 750ft above sea level in the Cambrian Mountains near Machynlleth, the shack is made from recycled materials.

It contains a wood burner, a sound system and gas cooker - as well as a refrigerator to store chilled drinks, and has some of the best views in Wales.

The shed has been made a into a haven Credit: Mischiefpr

Alex Holland, the proud creator of the shed said "I am absolutely delighted to have won. I intend to buy a second hand wind turbine to augment the solar panel to give me enough electricity to make ice in the fridge for gin and tonics, and to ensure the cider and beers are always chilled."

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