Homophobic bullying warning

An Assembly Member has warned that recorded cases of homophobic bullying in schools could be 'the tip of the iceberg' and has urged schools to class it separately from general bullying.

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'Over half' of gay and lesbian pupils experience bullying

Stonewall Cymru education officer Luke Young says he is surprised to learn of large numbers of schools in south-east Wales with no recorded cases of homophobic bullying.

Our most recent research, the School Report 2012, shows that over half of all lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils experience homophobic bullying.

With such widespread reports it's surprising to find such a large number of schools in the area have reported no incidents.

We know that when schools monitor homophobic incidents and act on the information they have the rate of bullying falls.

South Wales East AM Lindsay Whittle has urged schools to identify homophobic bullying as a separate issue.

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