Killer's term 'breaches rights'

Welsh killer Peter Moore is one of three men to win an appeal in the European Court of Human Rights that their whole-life jail terms, without the possibility of review, amounts to a breach of human rights.

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Justice Secretary 'profoundly disagrees' with ruling

Under current UK law, whole-life tariff prisoners like Welsh killer Peter Moore will almost certainly never be released from prison as their offences are deemed so serious.

They can be freed only at the discretion of the Justice Secretary on compassionate grounds.

Today the European Court of Human Rights ruled that removing the chance of release for even the most dangerous offenders is a breach of human rights.

The Strasbourg-based court said whole-lifers should be entitled to a review of their sentence 25 years into their term at the latest.

The British people will find this ruling intensely frustrating and hard to understand.

What the Court is saying is that a judge can no longer tell the most appalling criminals that they will never be released.

I think the people who wrote the original Human Rights Convention would be turning in their graves at this ruling. I profoundly disagree with the Court and this simply reinforces my determination to curtail the role of the Court of Human Rights in the UK.

– Justice Secretary Chris Grayling

The panel of 17 judges said the court 'did not intend to give the applicants any prospect of imminent release'.

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