1. James Wright

A hot and sunny end to the week

Yet another (almost) cloudless start to the day and turning hotter again too through the rest of Friday. We could see highs of 27-28C in parts of south east Wales, that's up to 82F.

Welcome relief from the high temperatures comes to the west Wales coast thanks a prevailing breeze from the west and sea breezes. So much more comfortable here.

Overnight may be rather uncomfortable. Lows of just 12-15C by the end of the night, but much warmer as we head to bed. There will be very little breeze around to freshen things up.

Saturday is a near repeat performance with a little more cloud developing across north Wales later. Here the odd sharp summer shower could develop. Temperatures could reach a stifling 29-30C across south east Wales.

Take care in the strong sunshine, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, and please take care of pets.