1. Adrian Masters

Miliband email invites Tory leader to become a Labour candidate

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies has received a second email from Ed Miliband, this time inviting him to become a Labour candidate in the next UK Election. It follows an earlier email ahead of the Labour leader's speech on his party's relationship with unions.

The latest email from Ed Miliband begins 'Andrew, I am so inspired by this party' - presumably his party, not the one Mr Davies leads in Wales. Mr Miliband goes on to talk about Labour's Future Candidates Programme and issues this invitation:

If you’re at all interested in becoming a Labour candidate, I'd urge you to apply now.Applications for the next group of trainees close on Monday morning.

Obviously the email is a circular aimed at Labour members but the Welsh Tory chief is baffled as to how he was included on the mailing list. Perhaps the fact he shares a name with a former Labour minister explains it. Either way, he's not planning to take up Ed Miliband's offer.

We always knew Labour was short on ideas, but it looks like they’re short on candidates too. I am flattered by the offer, but I have enough on my plate holding Ed Miliband’s lazy Labour Government to account.

– Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Opposition