1. James Wright

Very hot in places

Temperatures are set to soar this afternoon with the potential for heatwave conditions across parts of Wales. With high temperatures during the day followed by very warm nights there could be issues with body heat stress particularly concerning the young, elderly or infirm.

Once again we have almost cloudless skies across Wales, temperatures in the shade could reach 30C that's 86F. The hottest of the weather is likely to be across southern and eastern counties. The rest of Wales sees temperatures around 25-28C, so not much cooler.

Around the coast and on beaches there may be a light cooling breeze from the sea.

Tonight temperatures drop to just 13-15C it will be a warm night everywhere. And around bedtime temperatures are still likely to be in the 20's which might not make it easy to nod off to sleep.

Sunday remains hot and mainly sunny with highs of 26-29C, but could again nudge 30C in places.