Calls for Welsh NHS inquiry

There is growing pressure for a major inquiry into the standards of Welsh NHS care. But the Welsh Government says there is 'a clear process for raising concerns without resorting to lengthy and expensive public inquiries at every opportunity.'

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Health minister 'very concerned at risks to safety'

The Royal College of Surgeons sent its report to the health board, Health Inspectorate Wales, and the Welsh Government.

Wales' health minister, Mark Drakeford, was "very concerned" to read the report "and the risks to quality and safety it highlighted."

The Health Minister was very concerned to read the Royal College of Surgeons report and the risks to quality and safety it highlighted.

He invited the report's authors for an urgent meeting, which took place in June, and the Chief Executive of NHS Wales asked the Health Board and the Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee for a joint plan to address the capacity and patient flow issues raised in the report.

This plan has now been produced and is being implemented, and the Minister is being kept informed of progress on a regular basis.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

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