Calls for Welsh NHS inquiry

There is growing pressure for a major inquiry into the standards of Welsh NHS care. But the Welsh Government says there is 'a clear process for raising concerns without resorting to lengthy and expensive public inquiries at every opportunity.'

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Patients' watchdog wants to 'reassure' Cardiff patients

The Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Community Health Council says it wants to "provide some reassurances to patients who are currently or awaiting surgery within the University Hospital of Wales."

The CHC does not believe that this report indicates that Cardiff & Vale UHB is another Mid Staffordshire incident as reported in the media today and has major concerns on how this analogy will impact on patients confidence, who are either undergoing or awaiting treatment in Cardiff.

The UHB has recently instigated a new structure which became operational in April shortly after the RCS visit, this new structure has put the Clinicians in charge of their respective clinical boards to take forward improvements in services for patients.

The CHC acknowledges that reading the report is concerning and raises many questions about the standard and quality of services being provided. Executives of the Cardiff & Vale UHB have consistently provided the CHC with updates on the delays to elective surgery and the challenges faced with the influx of patients through the A&E department in the early part of this year. It should be acknowledged this increase in A&E departments was UK wide and not localised to the Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan area.

– Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Community Health Council

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