Pair jailed for farmer murder

Two men from Cambridgeshire who murdered a retired Welsh farmer have been sentenced to a total of 46 years in jail. Llywelyn Thomas was beaten to death at home during a burglary.

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Retired Welsh farmer's killers jailed for 46 years

Llywelyn Thomas was beaten to death in his home in December 2011.

Two men who murdered a Welsh pensioner at his home in Cambridgeshire have been jailed for a total of 46 years.

Frankie Parker, 26, has been given a 24-year sentence. Gary Smith has been jailed for 22 years.

Llywelyn Thomas was 71, and originally from Cefn Cribwr, near Bridgend.

He was a retired farmer who moved to Cambridgeshire to be near his family.

Frankie Parker, 26, and Gary Smith, 21, are from Fen Road travellers site in Chesterton. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

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