Calls for Welsh NHS inquiry

There is growing pressure for a major inquiry into the standards of Welsh NHS care. But the Welsh Government says there is 'a clear process for raising concerns without resorting to lengthy and expensive public inquiries at every opportunity.'

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S Wales 'alone in UK with patients dying waiting for cardiac surgery'

The report from the Royal College of Surgeons says that South Wales is the only part of the UK where patients are dying on cardiac surgery waiting lists.

The RCS spoke to a number of clinical leads, who expressed the following concerns, quoted from the report:

  • We heard that patients are regularly dying on the waiting list from their cardiac pathology
  • Some services are almost completely failed and some effectively suspended, such as paediatric tonsillectomy
  • Children are now regularly being fitted with hearing aids because there is no ability to treat their otitis media with surgical grommet insertion
  • Under normal circumstances the provision for urgent and emergency surgery is inadequate
  • It was recorded that a patient recently died in the A&E corridor from a ruptured aortic aneurysm
  • A direct question was asked to the UHW clinicians as to whether they believed that the services at UHW were dangerous - the universal consensus was that that this was the case

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