UKIP warning for Welsh Tories

A senior Welsh Conservative warns party leadership that traditional supporters who are sceptical about devolution are switching support to UKIP

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UKIP warning for Welsh Tories

A senior Welsh Conservative is warning his party's leadership that traditional supporters are turning to UKIP because of concerns about the Assembly gaining further powers.

In an interview with ITV Cymru Wales, Newport Councillor David Fouweather says the Tories' poor result on Anglesey, in which they came fourth behind UKIP, should be a wake-up call. He says many Conservative supporters in Wales feel their concerns about devolution aren't recognised.

And he says the party leadership needs to 'return to Conservative values' or risk losing seats in the Assembly and European elections.

We have a problem with UKIP and it needs to be addressed. UKIP, I believe, are attracting our support. They're attracting those Conservatives who are anti-Assembly, who are anti-Europe and they're giving those people an opportunity to vote.

– Cllr David Fouweather, Conservative, Newport council

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