Education Minister 'thought someone pulling my leg'

The Welsh Government Education Minister said "I thought someone was pulling my leg" in response to the Welsh Conservatives' call for a return to a grammar school system here.

Huw Lewis described the policy as "muddled" and "back to the future" on Twitter.


I thought someone was pulling my leg when I was told about Welsh Tory idea of re-introducing grammar schools #backtothefuture


Announcement totally muddled. No clear answers. Selection? Yes/ no? Same school? Yes/ no? GCSEs for all? Yes/ no? #backtothefuture


@welshlabour Government is committed to excellent schools for all, not encouraging a parental scramble for advantage #backtothefuture


Tories' grammar schools call

The Welsh Conservatives have called for the reintroduction of grammar schools to the education system here in Wales. They say streaming should happen at 14, not at 11, and vocational skills must have the same value as academic skills.