Theme park visitors left stranded on ride 100ft in air

The ride's passengers were stuck just before making a near-vertical descent. Credit: Wales News Service

Visitors to a Pembrokeshire theme park were left stranded 100ft in the air for half an hour, when a ride broke down in a power cut.

Seven passengers were stuck on the ride called Speed at Oakwood Theme Park, near Tenby, yesterday.

The park's website says visitors should "hold tight and get ready for 2000 feet of fast, furious fun. You'll climb, plunge, roll, twist, turn and loop on super fast orange rails at speeds of up to 95kph. And be left begging for more!"

A spokesman for Oakwood Theme Park said: "We identified an external power cut or surge which affected the ride and nearby restaurant. We checked on the well-being of the passengers, using the engineering lift to speak to them and explain that the ride was going to be restarted."

"As a further safety precaution, the ride was closed down for the day. The wellbeing of our visitors is at the heart of everything we do and there are strict procedures in place to ensure their safety."