Students collect their A Level results in Cardiff

There have been celebrations and also commiserations at schools across Wales today with the publication of this summer's A-Level results

The gap between students here and in other parts of the UK has widened for the second year running. In Wales, the numbers getting grades between A star to E stayed at 97.6%. Across Wales, England and N.Ireland, that number rose to 98.1%

There was also a slight fall in the number of people getting the top A or A star grades. That was 22 point 9 percent -- down from 25 percent in 2009

So what do those figures mean for the thousands of students who've had their results today? Nicola Hendy reports from one Cardiff college.


A Level results day

Thousands of students across Wales will receive their A Level results today. Last year there were over 37,150 examination entries, with 97.6% resulting in grades A* to E.