30,000 'still need' MMR vaccine

A committee of AMs is warning 30,000 children across Wales still need the MMR vaccine.

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Health committee warns 30,000 still need MMR jab

The warning follows an outbreak of the disease in south Wales Credit: PA

A committee of AMs say 30,000 children in Wales still need the MMR jab. It follows a report into the measles outbreak, centred on the Swansea area, which saw more than 1,200 cases of the disease.

The group warns that there's a need to 'avoid complacency' between outbreaks of measles. It calls on the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales to determine the best way of raising awareness of the need to have the MMR vaccine.

A spokesperson for the Welsh Government said: "The response to date has been very encouraging with over 74,000 non-routine MMR vaccinations across Wales. It is important that we all take every opportunity to reinforce the importance and safety of the vaccination."

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