Transport Police warn fans ahead of Premier League season

Ahead of Saturday's first fixtures of the Premier League, the British Transport Police have warned fans travelling on trains this season that nuisance behaviour will not be tolerated.

Speaking about last year's football season, Superintendent Andy Morgan said there were incidents of supporters being disrespectful to train staff and abusing passengers.

The British Transport Police will therefore be increasing their presence in stations across Wales to stamp out such behaviour.

He added, "It's fantastic to see these (Welsh) sides being successful and we want to play our part in supporting that. We want to create a safe and comfortable environment for fans to get to and from their games. But, we also want to make sure they don't disrupt the non-sporting public."

He also warned they'll look at banning orders as part of the crackdown:

"We can apply for banning orders if we can prove offences are football related which many fans believe are isolated to incidents on the street or in stadiums. We'll certainly be looking to extend that when it's justified."

Passengers can now report crime and nuisance behaviour on trains 'discreetly' to the British Transport Police by texting 61016.

New research shows that Cardiff City came top in a league of football's most violent fans, banning more fans from their ground than any other English club.