Paralympian's first ever dance

Paralympic javelin and discus thrower Nathan Stephens has spoken of his joy at dancing for the first time in his life with bride Charlene on their wedding day.

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First dance 'more nerve-wracking than London Games'

There was reportedly not a dry eye in the house as Paralympic athlete Nathan Stephens danced with new wife Charlene for the first time in his life at their wedding reception.

The 25-year-old said he was more nervous taking to the dancefloor than he was when he competed in the London 2012 Games.

I wanted to dance with Charlene more than anything - but not pushing myself along in my wheelchair.

I was adamant I was going to do it on my legs and if I set my mind to something I always get there.

We practised for eight months in our living room and no one had a clue.

Nathan said the three-minute routine was "all a bit new to me", but eventually felt confident enough to throw in a few twirls.

My older brother Andrew burst into tears. I think everyone was crying.

I have not worn my legs for years and most people at the reception had never seen me standing up out of my wheelchair before. We knew it would be a spectacular start to our night.

I was more nervous walking onto the dance floor than when I competed in the London Olympics. But we had rehearsed, so it went off like a dream.

– Nathan Stephens

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