1. James Wright

Sunnier spells to the north and east

A great deal of cloud continues to push in across many parts of Wales. The best chance of bright of even sunny spells is likely to be across northern and eastern counties and even here the sunshine may come and go. There will be drizzle elsewhere. It's still mild and rather muggy with highs of 21C.

Overnight the last of a run of cold fronts makes it's way across Wales, potentially bringing a little more rain for a while before skies begin to clear. A cold front as it's name suggests brings cooler air which will make temperatures more comfortable overnight. Lows locally into single figures.

Saturday will start fine and sunny for most places. A little cloud will float around and build up during the day, but on the whole its a lovely start to the weekend. It will feel noticeably cooler and less humid, but the sunshine will still make it feel pleasantly warm.