Heavy rain and showers

After a fine start for some parts of Wales this morning but the weather is turning more unsettled with heavy rain and heavy showers over the next few hours and days.

There is a yellow warning in force for the whole of Wales that will last in to Saturday too.

Heavy rain will push into north Wales through the afternoon meanwhile the sunnier spells across other parts will be mixed with some heavy and thundery showers. It will be cooler than of late with highs of 14-18C. It will also be rather windy and gusty around showers.

Tonight the band of rain and showers curls it's way around the whole of Wales and with a dry spell across the central belt of the country. Some of showers may be heavy and thundery. A cool night to come with lows of 8C.

Saturday sees rain, showers and plenty of cloud will feed into west Wales bringing persistent wet weather for some parts. Further west we may see some brighter spells but it's likely to be showery from time to time. Highs of just 17-18C.

With persistent and/or heavy rain and showers, there is a risk of localised flooding.