Million new jobs needed says Welsh Lib Dem leader

The Liberal Democrats need to concentrate on creating jobs, the party's Welsh leader has told its UK conference in Glasgow. Speaking at the opening rally, Kirsty Williams called for a million new jobs. She joked that there should be one for the former Lib Dem MP for Montgomeryshire, Lembit Opik.

And also create a further nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine adding to the one million plus private sector jobs we've already created in government.

– Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams AM

Kirsty Williams is vice-chair of the Lib Dems' 2015 Westminster election campaign.

I got a call from Paddy: “Kirsty, you are going to join me in the 2015 election campaign as vice chair, aren’t you?” Not that I would have said no, but the only thing going through my mind was; “I wonder what happened to the last person who said no to Paddy Ashdown.” So here I am, vice chair of the 2015 election campaign. And over the next 20 months, we have to make being in government work for us in this campaign.

– Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams AM