1. James Wright

Bright for some, but cloudy end to the week for many

A dry and bright end to the week with some sunny spells around, although, there's a lot of cloud drifting across Wales at the moment. The rest of the day sees that pattern of variable cloud continuing. It's still rather cool in western parts of Wales with an onshore breeze with highs of 13C.

Further east, if you can stay in the sunnier spells, temperatures could reach 17C.

Tonight a weak warm front brings a patchy light rain and some mist and murk. It will be generally mild and muggy, but temperatures could drift down to 8C.

That warm front draws more warm air in across Wales for Saturday but continues to feed a lot of cloud and some patchy rain in. It's likely to be a misty murky start for some. In to the afternoon the mist should lift but it's likely to remain cloudy with any brighter spells expected further east.

Being a warm front, we have warm air drifting into Wales so we can expect it to be unusually warm for the time of year, in spite of the lack of sunshine. Highs of 19C but feeling rather humid.