Police body camera scheme in Cardiff extended

Body cameras capture evidence in the same way as CCTV cameras Credit: PA

A body camera pilot scheme run by police in Cardiff is to be extended following a number of successful prosecutions.

Since June a team of response officers in the west of Cardiff have been equipped with the camera when attending 999 calls to violent incidents.

The cameras, similar to those worn by extreme sportspeople such as snow boarders and rock climbers, captures evidence in the same way as traditional CCTV cameras.

Two men were this week sentenced at Cardiff Magistrates' Court after being arrested by officers equipped with the camera.

Detective Sergeant Chris Hathway, from South Wales Police who is leading the project, said: "CCTV is used on a daily basis for successful prosecutions in a wide range of crimes.

"While Cardiff is well equipped with an excellent CCTV system, there are occasions where officers attend an incident perhaps at a residential or commercial property where there are no cameras.**

"This evidence will supplement all the usual enquiries such as witness statements and forensic examination."**