Your Saturday weather forecast

A mild weekend to come but a rather cloudy one, enough cloud around for some parts to some drizzle. Meanwhile further east you'll have a better chance of seeing something brighter. In the brighter spells we could see highs of 20C, thats 68F.

Overnight cloud continues to feed in from the southwest bringing some murky drizzly weather to many parts of the country. It will be a rather mild and muggy night with lows of 13-14C. There could also be some hill fog around too.

Another slow start to the day on Sunday with the mist, murk and drizzle lingering for the early part of the day. In to the afternoon expect to see the cloud lift a little to make feel a touch brighter. The best chance of seeing some breaks in the cloud continue to be across the north and east.

The southwesterly breeze continues to bring warm air across Wales which will help the mercury rise to 20-21C that's 70F. That will feel warm even if the sun isn't shining.