Wales behind UK in maths GCSE

Welsh pupils are behind their contemporaries from the rest of the UK at GCSE maths, according to a new report from the education watchdog Estyn.

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Welsh Govt: report shows success and need to improve

The Welsh Government says it welcomes Estyn's report - which "shows where we have been successful in developing mathematics in our schools at key stage 4, and where we need to sharpen our performance."

We have clear evidence that, at an operational level, the best results in mathematics teaching at key stage 4 are achieved where schools and regional consortia work together, and where teachers have opportunities to share best practice and benefit from appropriate professional development and regular network opportunities.

Where pupils are well supported, well motivated and apply themselves conscientiously to learning activities set by teachers who have high expectations and set appropriately challenging tasks, good practice will flourish.

The independent Review of Qualifications report addressed the issue of early entry. Whilst recognising that there can be some circumstances where early entry may be appropriate – for example to allow high achievers to begin Advanced level courses earlier, the Review recommended that in general the practice should be discouraged as it “was likely to disadvantage most learners."

However, there will be no immediate changes to performance measures for Wales to address this issue - Welsh Government will consider the implications fully and will not make rushed changes.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

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