Last of the warm days

There's a distinct change in the weather over the next few days. For a change it's not a case of the 'wet and windies' it's a drop in temperatures and a northerly breeze won't help with the feel of things.

This afternoon sees the remainder of a weak cold front edging across south Wales which may bring some very light rain or drizzle. Elsewhere things are brightening up and there could even be a little sunshine around. Today's the last day of warm temperatures with highs of 16-17C.

Overnight sees the winds swinging around to a northwesterly. This brings the odd shower in, but on the whole it's a night of clear spells and mild temperatures.

Wednesday is a day of bright and sunny spells with the odd shower around. The breeze picks up and draws cooler air in from the north west. By the afternoon expect highs of 13-15C which is around 2-3C cooler than Tuesday. The strength of the breeze will add to the cooler feel.

Showers will be scattered but widespread, the breeze helping to push them along.