Bedroom tax 'hits Wales hardest'

A report by the Welsh Affairs Committee says Wales is affected by the under-occupation legislation, the so-called 'bedroom tax', more than anywhere else in the UK. Housing associations and homeless shelters are calling for more homes to be built.

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Welsh tenants most affected by 'bedroom tax'

8% of Wales are affected by the 'bedroom tax' Credit: PA

A report by MPs on the Welsh Affairs Committee argues that more one and two bedroom housing is needed to re-home people affected by the so-called 'bedroom tax.'

They found that the shortage of one and two bedroom properties means many tenants have been forced to live in temporary accommodation.

The committee of MPs have also expressed concerns on the ways housing benefit is to be given to recipients when the universal credit is introduced next year.

There are 250,000 people in Wales who currently receive housing benefits.

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