Bedroom tax 'hits Wales hardest'

A report by the Welsh Affairs Committee says Wales is affected by the under-occupation legislation, the so-called 'bedroom tax', more than anywhere else in the UK. Housing associations and homeless shelters are calling for more homes to be built.

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Housing group: tenants not coping with 'bedroom tax'

Tenants affected by the 'bedroom tax' are falling behind their rent payments because they can't afford the extra costs.

The Community Housing Cymru have helped to make recommendations on the report. They say the Welsh government need to build more houses to deal with the shortage.

We are in the process of gathering data from our members looking at the impact of the first six months of the 'bedroom tax'. 87 percent of those who responded have seen an increase in arrears since the introduction of the 'bedroom tax', with 43% of tenants part paying but almost 20% paying nothing at all towards the shortfall.

The housing supply crisis has been a major contributor to the increasing welfare bill and until we see a long-term affordable house building programme, that will drive down the price of rents for everybody, this won't change.

– Nick Bennett, Group Chief Executive of Community Housing Cymru

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