Cross-party criticism of Minister and Department

A Welsh Government department has been criticised by a cross-party group of Assembly Members for 'flawed' financial management and planning. A letter sent from the Environment and Sustainability Committee lists a series of concerns and criticisms of the Department and its Minister, Alun Davies.

The letter from the committee's chair, Dafydd Elis-Thomas, has been sent to the Assembly's Finance Committee and follows a recent evidence session with the Minister. It criticises both the evidence and says that led to wider worries:

When the Minister gave evidence to the Committee it was felt that he did not give sufficient information or adequate clarity on a range of issues. On occasion, the responses we received were in direct contradiction to the information provided in the written papers. This is indicative of the concerns we have about the general financial management and planning of this Department.

The committee's scrutiny was, says the letter, 'hampered by the lateness of the budget paper' leaving members less than 48 hours to prepare. It also highlights 'a number of basic errors...including references to the True Taste Awards which were disbanded earlier this year.'

These concerns all suggest to us that the financial management and planning within Natural Resources and Food is currently flawed, and that it needs to improve as a matter of priority.

– Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability committee