Lib Dems slam 'partisan' and 'tribal' minister

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Environment spokesman, William Powell, has added his voice to criticism of the Natural Resources minister and department. It follows a series of strongly-worded criticisms and concerns set out in a letter from the cross-party Environment committee.

William Powell said:

The evidence provided by the Natural Resources and Food department was late, often contradictory and far from transparent. As a committee, we were unable to scrutinise properly due to the quality of the evidence.The Minister’s budget included a number of basic errors, such as referring to schemes and policy areas that have ceased to exist. While this is embarrassing and shows a lack of competence, far more worrying was the level of financial management evident in the department as a whole.

The Minister seemed unable to give sufficient information on a large range of issues, resorting instead to partisan hectoring and references to the Westminster government. Evidence that he did give was often contradictory to what his officials had to say. That just isn’t good enough.

Perhaps if the Minister spent more time treating his position with the professionalism and respect it deserves, rather than engaging in tribal politics, some of these serious concerns might not have arisen.

– William Powell AM, Liberal Democrat