The no energy bills house

A three bedroom house which cost £75,000 and has no gas or electricity bills will be unveiled later today.

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Ten tips: saving energy if you're not in an eco home

  • Turn off unnecessary lights rather than leaving them on. Using TVs and appliances on 'standby' can waste electricity too
  • Use draught excluders for doors, windows and fireplaces
  • Increase loft insulation to limit the heat that escapes
  • When using a kettle, just boil the amount of water you need instead of filling it up!
  • Set your washing machines to operate at a lower temperature
  • Change your light bulbs for low-energy ones
  • For a shower that takes hot water from a boiler, replace your shower head with a more water-efficient one
  • Turn the thermostat down by even just one degree.
  • Take the opportunity of windy weather to dry laundry outside rather than in a tumble dryer
  • Consider cavity wall insulation to keep the heat in.

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