1. James Wright

Autumn sun... for a while

Whilst there's some lovely autumn sunshine around for midweek, there is more cloud building from the north and west and that will eventually bring some rain and then more showers during this evening and overnight.

So increasing amounts of cloud during the afternoon and an increase in wind speeds too, making it rather blustery. Temperatures are about right for the time of year at 9-11C. Rain eventually arrives in Gwynedd, Anglesey and Pembrokeshire - this pushes across Wales during the evening.

Overnight the rain clears to the east but leaves a number of showers across Wales. The extra cloud, the showers and the wind mean it won't be as cold as last night with lows of 5-8C. By the end of the night heavier showers will skirt northern parts of Wales, setting us up for a showery Thursday.

Thursday will see some fine sunshine around, but there will be some heavier showers around for Denbighshire and Flintshire, with lighter showers for the rest of the northern and western coastal districts. It will be quite windy around the coast.

In to the afternoon the showers continue, but a slight shift in the wind direction will see them ease across the western coast and become fewer in number across the north. A fresh feeling day in the breeze with highs of 7-10C.