Pictures: Typhoon-damaged Cebu

Neil Walton from Bridgend has sent these photos showing the devastation inflicted by typhoon Haiyan on Cebu in the Philippines. He is coordinating a relief effort from Cebu International School, of which he is headteacher. He is travelling north of Cebu City distributing aid parcels.

palm trees
Battered palm trees in Cebu Credit: Neil Walton
broken palm trees
Fierce winds of nearly 200mph have devastated the landscape Credit: Neil Walton
Collapsed house
Many homes were destroyed by typhoon Haiyan Credit: Neil Walton
collapsed home
Residents of Cebu are faced with having to re-build their homes Credit: Neil Walton


Woman's Philippines search

The Y Byd Ar Bedwar team have been out to the Philippines to follow a woman, who grew up in Wales, trying to find her family in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.