Welsh 'most reliant' on cars

Welsh workers rely most on a car or van to get to work - more than any other part of Britain. The RAC says people are buying and running cars they can't afford in order to get to the office.

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Plaid Cymru: 'This is a compelling case for a metro system'

Opposition party Plaid Cymru respond to the latest RAC figures which show workers in Wales are most reliant on a car or van to get to work. The Welsh Government say they acknowledge there needs to be a better public transport system.

These statistics make a compelling case for a South Wales Metro - a longstanding Plaid Cymru campaign.

A Metro would transform public transport in south Wales, better connecting towns and cities and offering people a more reliable and regular service than trains or buses.

"A Welsh Metro has been costed at between £1bn and £1.5bn over the next 15 years. This is the kind of long-term infrastructure investment needed to boost the Welsh economy by bringing people closer together and making travel quicker and easier throughout the region.

– Jonathan Edwards MP

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