Welsh 'most reliant' on cars

Welsh workers rely most on a car or van to get to work - more than any other part of Britain. The RAC says people are buying and running cars they can't afford in order to get to the office.

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Welsh workers can't do without four wheels for work

A report out by the RAC reveals a record number of people are now reliant on a car or van to go to work. 16.7 million workers in England and Wales get to 'the office' either by driving themselves or catching a lift. Here are a few more facts and figures for Wales:

  • Welsh commuters more dependent on cars for getting to work than rest of UK
  • Blaenau Gwent is the most car-dependent with 82% of workers using a car or van
  • Cardiff is the least car-dependent but even here 62% of those employed use a car or van
  • In Wales 74.2% of workers commute by car or van. The figure for England is 62.7%.
  • The average length of a car journey to work in Wales is 9.5 miles (19 miles for a round trip)

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