Welsh 'most reliant' on cars

Welsh workers rely most on a car or van to get to work - more than any other part of Britain. The RAC says people are buying and running cars they can't afford in order to get to the office.

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Welsh workers most reliant on cars: Your views

You've been sharing your views about how Welsh workers are most reliant on a car or van to get to the office - more than anywhere else in Britain.

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  • David Jones on Facebook - "Buses don't run to the Heads of the Valleys towns after 6pm plus no Sunday Service. For most of us, there is no choice but to drive"
  • Gemma Ceirwyn Hughes on Facebook - "You have no choice when you live in a rural location and buses aren't reliable. A car journey that takes 15 minutes or a bus journey that takes 45 minutes and costs a fortune? I know what I would choose - my car"
  • Steve Steaks on Twitter - "Doh, isn't it obvious! No public transport. I am 7 miles from Oswestry but the bus only runs twice a week so no option but the car"

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