Wales Office: how spending changes help Wales

The Wales Office has been setting out how some of the changes announced by the Chancellor in his Autumn Statement will benefit Wales.


.@hmtreasury Energy measures will help over 1.3 million households in Wales reducing electricity bills by £50 on average. #AS2013


A £1,000 transferable tax allowance for married couples & civil partners will benefit 220,000 couples in Wales. #AS2013 @hmtreasury


.@hmtreasury cancelling the planned rise in Fuel Duty in Sept'14 will help owners of the 1.75 million vehicles in Wales. #AS2013


Autumn Statement 2013

George Osborne has delivered his latest assessment of the state of the economy in the Autumn Statement, announcing growth forecasts for the coming years are 'significantly up'. A net increase in budget for the Welsh Government has also been promised.