Rankings for secondary schools in Wales published

The latest rankings for Wales' secondary schools have been released. The so-called 'banding' system groups schools on a level from one to five, according to how well pupils perform in their examinations, and their attendance levels.

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ATL union: 'No one takes banding system seriously'

No one now takes the school banding system all that seriously. Its continued volatility, which sees some school leaping up and down bands, is at worst an irritant and at best an amusement.

This yo-yo banding system is past its sell-by date. Last week’s PISA results were yet another wake up call to the Welsh Government to think through its policies far more carefully.

We hope that we can cooperate in building an accountability system which uses data more intelligently to make schools accountable but also helps them to improve’

– Dr Philip Dixon, ATL union

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