Rankings for secondary schools in Wales published

The latest rankings for Wales' secondary schools have been released. The so-called 'banding' system groups schools on a level from one to five, according to how well pupils perform in their examinations, and their attendance levels.

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NUT blasts 'discredited' school banding system

NUT Cymru have always objected to the school banding policy given its flawed approach to measuring performance.

It is hard to see exactly what tangible benefit parents, pupils or teachers have seen since the introduction of school banding.

Seeing schools bounce around widely within the bands does not do much to fill anyone with confidence that they are having a consistent or balanced view of school performance.

Banding, as it currently is, has become discredited in the eyes of the profession and parents and is really hindering the efforts of those wishing to deliver the highest education standards possible.

– David Evans, NUT

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